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General Enquiries
For any general enquiries about our products, you can find lots of product information including details on our vegetarian product ranges, ingredients, allergens and much more! Visit for our full range or for our huge selection of freeze pops.


Business Enquiries
Interested in doing business with Rose Marketing? Contact us on to see what we can do for you.


Product Enquiries
Please feel free to email us via our contact form if you have any extra details that can help us assist you with your product enquiry.

If you are unhappy with your product purchase, we will need a little bit of information from you so we can better identify the issue and investigate it as quickly as possible -

If you would kindly provide the following information we can get started:

Product Name
When & Where Purchased
BBE & LOT Code (small code and date printed on the pack)
Supporting Product Photos

(To make sure we are giving you the best service we can and the best standard of product; complaints requiring further investigation may take a longer response time of up to 5-10 days; in some cases, we may ask you to return the product to us, in this instance we will request your address details and post you out a stamped addressed envelope to make the return as easy as possible)

The Rose Customer Care Team