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Our Story

The Sweet Journey. The Candy Castle Crew is a proprietary brand of Rose Marketing UK. The brand has embarked upon a super-sweet journey since it was established in 2015 and has evolved into a multi-faceted solution that, when coupled with Rose Marketing UK, enables us to deliver, great products and a unique service to all sectors of the trade.

The Sweet Beginnings. It all started withThe Candy Castle Crew branded products. We believed in bringing excitement and a smile to our consumers which is why innovation and imagery was at at the core of everything we did. Our branded products carry our quirky, fun and engaging character artwork with each new product receiving a bespoke set of characters to align to the product attributes and bring the product and the story of the Candy kingdom and its gang of happy goo lucky magic candy pals to LIFE ! Read more about the legend of LITTLE KNIGHT and DINKY DAISY and THE CANDY CASTLE CREW and all the sweet secrets hidden behind the wobbly jelly ramparts of CANDY CASTLE !

The Sweet Spot. The Candy Caste Crew merchandising solution and category management programme. The next step was maximizing the core characteristics of the brand by investing in bespoke merchandising solutions. We offer this as a stand-alone fixture, fully stocked with best sellers to maximise wasted floor space or it can be combined with our experience and knowledge of the category to offer customers a complete category makeover with some very eye-catching in-store theatre... and the extra sweet part ? As an extra level of service, we take the stress and demands out of category management by regularly optimising the range for you. CCC managed stores have seen their sales grow by up to 17% Year on Year through POS and FSDU displays.
The Sweet History.